Brazilian Luxe Spanish Wave Closure

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Brazilian Luxe Spanish Wave Closure

Our Brazilian Luxe Spanish Wave 4x4 Closures are Handmade to appear natural to the scalp & allowing a naturally flat install. Our Brazilian Luxe Spanish Wave Lace Closures can be worn naturally wavy or flat ironed Straight. Closures are essential to your sew-in; one of the best solutions for transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, thinning or sparse edges, or simply to conceal & preserve your hair from styling damage with a no-leave out install. Great for a protective style. Protective hairstyles are Perfect for allowing you to avoid putting excessive heat and products on your hair. Our most luxurious wave pattern The Spanish Wave closure goes perfectly with our Spanish Wave bundles. This is for anyone who loves a tight and mesmerizingly wavy pattern. 


The Spanish Wave is our most luxurious wave pattern. This pattern is perfect for adding extra volume and length to your no-heat textured style. Texture lovers go crazy over this gorgeous Tight wavy pattern.  Spanish Wave is 100% Virgin, blends effortlessly with our hair Brazilian Luxe Spanish Wave is ideal for a soft curly look. This Spanish Wave curl pattern has tons of volume and body with a look and feel that’s extremely natural. This hair can be worn with natural or relaxed hair. Spanish Wave can be flat ironed straight, however, please note that the curl pattern may change with repeated heat application. 

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