Cambodian Luxe Body Wave

$60.00 - $100.00
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Cambodian Luxe Body Wave

One of our most popular textures, Our 100% Virgin Cambodian Luxe Body Wave is known for its silky soft, bouncy, luxurious, lightweight, durable texture, blending naturally with our own hair while packing lots of volume.  Our hair is 100% Virgin, meaning that all of the cuticles are unidirectional. This is a critical feature of quality hair extensions as it ensures no matting or tangling, ensuring you the Signature Luxe & Mane experience! 

  All of our hair offers a natural soft texture as each bundle is carefully hand selected & collected from only healthy donors . Because all of our hair is exclusive Virgin quality & has not been chemically processed, it can be worn curly or straight and professionally dyed. This strong healthy hair is tightly Double Wefted, thick & full of luxurious body.  It is the softest hair ever! This hair has the ability to easily create the most eye-catching, body bouncing, glamorous looks. Cambodian Luxe Body Wave holds curls longer and yet, can also be easily flat-ironed Bone Straight. With proper loving care, this hair will last you 1-2 years. The Ultimate for hair connoisseurs! Live Your Best Life Exploring Limitless Possibilities!

 Luxe & Mane Extensions thrives on providing our clientele with Exceptional Virgin Hair you can trust and that has not been chemically altered or dyed. Cambodian Hair color is naturally black, however, some come sun-kissed with brown tips. Each donor will not have the same hair color and thus it is normal to experience a slight variation in color from bundle to bundle.


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