Indian Luxe Tight Curly

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Indian Luxe Body Wave

Fall in Love with Our Irresistable Indian Luxe Tight Curl! With a tighter ringlet than our Brazilian Deep Curl, this Textured hair is Soft, airy, light & overflowing with Juicy, bouncy, Happy Defined, Curls! Indian Luxe Tight Curl can also be easily blown out for Wand curls & styled with beautifully effortless movement. Blending well with most hair textures, this hair texture can range from a fine silky to a lightly coarse density.  This Glorious Single Donor hair serves exceptional root to tip thickness with tightly reinforced machine wefting. It is natural for Indian hair to swell & become frizzy in humid weather & in foggy conditions. Due to these natural traits, Anti-frizz products are highly suggested. Indian hair is Very popular, arguably the most versatile hair on the market.  Indian Luxe Tight Curl is not chemically processed or dyed. Hands down, These Natrually Dark Brown Root-to-tip S-type ringlet curls will Turn Heads Everywhere You Go! Even Your friends will be convinced its Growing from Your Scalp! 

All of our hair is 100% Virgin, meaning that all of the cuticles are unidirectional. This feature is critical for quality hair extensions as it ensures no matting or tangling, ensuring you the Signature Luxe & Mane experience! Because all of our hair is exclusively 100% Virgin it can be professionally dyed. This full body natural luxurious texture Serves Sensuous BODY & Undeniable GRACE. Ideal for Wake Up & Go - Greatness! Our selection of Virgin hair matches many hair types & is perfect for all nationalities. You can depend on a natural soft texture because each bundle is hand selected & collected from only healthy donors in India.

Healthy luscious Curly Hair requires a higher level of love & maintenance than Straight hair textures, such as wearing a bonnet at night and brushing only while wet. Your Curly Hair should be thoroughly conditioned with love once per week. For a Flawless seamless blending, we suggest a matching closure. For styles 18 inches or shorter, we recommend three bundles. However, for styles longer than 18'' inches, we recommend using 4 bundles to achieve a healthy full look. With Proper Loving care your vivacious Indian Luxe Tight Curl hair will last a good year! Live Your Best Life Exploring the limitless Possibilities!


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